Explorior Travel Fund

Win a Free $700 Flight Ticket to... Anywhere! ✈️

Hey there, you legend!

I'm giving away free flight tickets from anywhere to... absolutely anywhere, up to $700. 

All you gotta do to win that money is… help me make better videos by giving me your feedback.

Here's how:

1) Subscribe to my YouTube channel

2) Turn on the notifications (very important!)

3) Every time you get a notification that I uploaded a new video, watch that video

4) In the first 60 minutes of me publishing the video, comment under the video what you thought about it with the hashtag #WeAreExploriors - your feedback means the world

5) Keep doing this for all the videos I post - a comment under any video of mine in the first 60 minutes counts as one vote

6) At the beginning of every month I’ll choose the winner out of all the comments under 60 minutes with the hashtag #WeAreExploriors and announce it on my first video of the month

7) Pack your bags and go on the trip of your dreams!

Watch this video for more information:

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