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Hey there!

I’m Jacob, a location independent entrepreneur who spent the last 5 years traveling around the world, while making YouTube videos on the go.

This is my motto in life:

I began traveling at the age of 19, right after graduating high school.

At first it was just a fun thing to do, but eventually it became a big part of my life and changed me in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Here are my travels in the year 2017:

What Traveling Taught Me

Traveling taught me to always stay humble and respectful, because I generally do not know better.

It also taught me that there’s no “good” or “bad” in the world, no “right“ or “wrong”.

Not only that, I learned to treat every obstacle as an opportunity to learn and improve, because whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger...

... even if you get hit by a drunk driver in Thailand and end up having a 4 hour-long plastic surgery:

My Mission

My mission in life is... to inspire as many people as I can to stay curious.

There are two main ways I'm achieving this mission by:

1. Inspiring Travel Content

For the first 2 years of my travels I didn't take any videos, because I thought: "I wouldn't be in the moment"...

That turned out to be a massive mistake, because I didn't inspire anyone, nor did I educate anyone.

Heck, I couldn't even remember where I went!

Then I bought a cheap GoPro camera and started documenting my travels simply so that I could look back on them when I was 124 years-old 😝

This is the first video I ever made:

I was completely happy with my mom being my only viewer, but...

... as time went by, my videos started getting quite a bit of attention and some even went viral!

Like this one about my life in North Korea vs. South Korea (almost 9M views on YouTube):

When my audience on YouTube hit 250,000 subscribers and I got flooded with "when's the next video?" messages, I realized that making videos is not only a fun thing to do...

It's also an incredibly effective way to inspire people to travel more!

Which is why at that point I finally decided to start taking my work on social media seriously, hire some people to help me out and produce awesome travel content on a regular basis.

Follow my travel adventures on YouTube and Instagram. Also, learn how I started traveling full-time at the age of 19! 🔥

2. Founder of Explorio

I established my first business at the age of 15 and even though I've had quite a bit of success with various online businesses since then, I never ran a company that actually made the world a better place.

When I realized that my mission was to inspire and empower as many people as I could to travel the world, I began searching for that one business idea that had the potential to change people's lives for good...

... one I could dedicate my life to.

It took me well over a year to figure out what that idea was, but... I found it.

It was Explorio - the world's first decentralized travel reviews platform that rewards its users for contributing high quality reviews.

Our long-term vision was to have thousands of people who travel the world full-time and the only thing they do for "work" is write great quality reviews on our platform.

However, after working on the project 24/7 for 8 months and 10 days, we faced some obstacles we couldn't resolve and had to cease operations, netting me a loss of $100,000...

Here's the full story:

Despite this unfortunate turn of events, my mission in life stayed the same and I kept searching for other ways to achieve it.

Eventually I decided to create the "Explorior Travel Fund", where I'm giving away $700 free flight tickets to my YouTube followers every single month. Here's how:

That all being said, thank you very much for visiting my website and have a blast, wherever you are in the world 🔥



P.S. Learn how I started traveling full-time at the age of 19!


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